Why is the idea of AAP more important to India than Kejriwal or Modi?

If you see any political discussion, you will hear supporters argue for or against some CM or PM candidate. But this is precisely one of the biggest reasons why our polity and governments have consistently failed us over the years. Our parliamentary system is simply not designed to work that way. Continue reading

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Hitherto cynical non-voters could be key to AAP forming a majority government

While much effort has gone into chipping away congress and BJP vote base, an analysis of past election statistics confirms a potential gold mine in the form of those cynics who never vote. I will show here that the potential of this group to swing election results is enormous, if only they could be convinced to vote.for AAP Continue reading

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Why dont I prefer Modi? (Part 1 : His development story is mere hype)

This post is not to glorify other states’s in comparison to Gujarat. It is merely to expose Modi’s personal hype as a development guru. This post is aimed at that those who are willing to forgive him for his complicity in riots, thinking that his handling of economy and administration is so great as to compensate for his communal shortcomings. Well, it is not as you will see. Continue reading

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Why dont I prefer Modi? (Part 2 : Riots and corruption)

This second part of the series lists some facts on Modi’s complicity in riots, how his government has been misusing some very senior IPS officers over the years, how he has been shielding the corrupt ministers in his cabinet and how has Modi’s govt treated RTI activists in his state. Continue reading

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World Bank report: India’s GDP growth is negative if we factor in environmental loss

Copied from an excellent article “Factor in India’s environmental loss and all we have is negative growth” written by Jay Mazoomdaar for FirstPost on 4 August 2013. You can find links to the World Bank report and more, at the … Continue reading

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Gujarat agricultural production in last five years: Foodgrains growth 3.27 per cent, cotton 2.45 per cent, oilseeds (-) 2.71 per cent

Facts about Gujarat’s agricultural production trends during 2003 to 2013

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Is Narendra Modi really the only option for PM?

A more detailed look at Gujarat model, with lesser anti-Modi bias :-|

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Free-markets vs Government: Why one is not better than the other

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This is an evolving article draft on why we need a mix of both free-markets and state-intervention, and why one is not inherently better than the other. Continue reading

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Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia at a railway station

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AAP is neither leftist nor rightist, we take the best of both – Kejriwal

Watch Arvind explain AAP’s economic stand as one which is not driven by left or right ideology. It is a pragmatic stand where a problem is defined and the best solution is sought from both left and right.. Also watch Yogendra Yadav, another key AAP member, saying that the 1960s obsession with public sector and the complete belief that everything that the state does would be wonderful need revisiting. Continue reading

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