Purpose of this blog

Mainly to collect information that could be of use to help further this new people’s movement, that has taken shape under IAC and Kejriwal, against the corrupt and colluding system. Please feel free to suggest information (and sources). Also, feel free to use this information any way you like – no citation/credit needed. This is in not officially recognized by IAC. I am doing this on my own, and I wish my fellow Indians would also take active part/ownership in this movement, as it is as much our war as much as it is Kejriwal’s. We cant just cheer him from the audience stand, and let him fight the monsters on his own. We have to step in and chip in with whatever little time/money that we can afford for this fight of ours against the corrupt class.


About Gu'an

Blog: iamamangoman DOT wordpress DOT com
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