BJP guards Congress’ Digvijay’s back on his scams in MP

When Congress motormouth, Digvijay Singh, was CM of Madhya Pradesh (1993-2003), he permitted illegal constructions of Treasure Island mall in central Indore, by flouting rules. After Congress’ Digvijay, MP has been under BJP’s rule since 2003 (currently under Shivraj Singh Chauhan).

In 2008, social activist Mahesh Garg filed a petition in MP’s Economic Offences Wing (EOW) to probe this illegality of Digvijay. EOW registered his petition in 2009 and gave a clean chit to Digvijay in 2011! The social activist later approached the MP High Court which, dissatisfied after going through EOW’s investigation, decided to do the only other available option which is to transfer it to CBI (read more on this here). All this cover-up happened under BJP’s Shivraj Singh’s tenure. Having gone into the safe hands of CBI (the Congress Bureau of Investigation), Digvijay will tell BJP “Thanks! I can take it from here”.


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