A citizen’s observation on Kejriwal

 “I do not have a voter card for the past many years, but this time I am going to get one”

This is a repost of a reader’s comment on an article in FirstPost. You might also be interested in reading a my other article on statistical analysis of past election results to see why people like that reader play an important role in ensuring winnability of Kejriwal and AAP party.

Now, quoting that reader…

“If you read the articles and some long long comments here, you can see there are people trying dissect recent political events in 1000 different ways. They think in all the dimensions that their thoughts can be drawn and the obvious outcome – everything is foul-play or unfounded actions. Let me tell you, as a very common straightforward middle class man, what I think in a long comment. :)

I like Kejriwal because he is doing things that any naive person entering politics would do. (After all its not even been 2 months since he announced he would join politics). But the expectations are sky-high. Having taken up the crusade against corruption he is being subjected to a super human set of yardsticks which I do not think anyone would pass. The explanations and answers he gives are straightforward and not the usual beat-around-the-bush format, it therefore relates very much to what, as an aam admi, my concern is. He has accepted himself that he is not a politician but had to enter politics for a cause – to kill corruption. Naturally he need not worry about if the votebank would shift in Congress or BJP’s favor. So the ‘expose’ is more aligned towards sending a message to the public and not to change the political equations existent today. Going by the standards today, it does not make a difference who comes to power as long as there are Khurshids, Chidus, Gadkaris etc in the ruling party. Even then I believe Congress will lose the 2014 election simply because both the govt. and the people have shown signs of wear-n-tear by ruling/being ruled for 8 years.
About IAC members being corrupt – I have heard many of IAC activists including Kejriwal saying umpteen times to have the govt. agencies investigate this. They have all the resources under their command to do so. Even then they wouldn’t do it. I agree with IAC when they say it is just kept open as a counter-point for Congress for their defense.

And I agree that Kejriwal is making use of/enjoying his media coverage but I do not buy the point that he is doing so to further political mileage as he has objectively said his motive i.e. to check corruption. So even if there are flaws or even political blunders in his political journey or his ideology, I am OK with it as I see the immediate goal is to stop this loot by any passer-by who is even remotely connected to constitutional powers.

I do not have a voter card for the past many years, but this time I am going to get one.”

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