Paid news and crony journalism

In a candid and insightful interview to Newslaundry, Paranjoy Guha Thakurtha talks about the many problems prevalent in media, including paid news and conflicts of interests vis-a-vis corporates. His regular columns are also as insightful.

In the interview (around 24:00:00), he talks about his work on a detailed report on paid news, commissioned by the Press Council of India (then chaired by G.N.Ray), which was later suppressed because of the publishers lobby voting against it! The report laid buried until an RTI query forced PCI to make it public. That report is here:

You can also watch current PCI chairman M.Katju’s interview, where he offers quite a convincing case of his pet theme – media excesses – and the need for more regulatory powers to PCI and Broadcasters Standards Association:


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3 Responses to Paid news and crony journalism

  1. Good work Gu’an, on this very important issue. So that is an official report on paid journalism assisting politicians and corporates.

    I have always found Katju fishy about this issue. He claims that he has “done a lot” for the freedom of press, but he seems to be favoring the stand of the government that there be more regulations on the press as if the current deplorable state of rampant paid journalism is not “satisfactory”! I feel its time for emancipation of press rather imposing more restrictions.

    • Gu'an says:

      Yeah! That official report on paid news was really interesting and shocking to read.

      I have also been critical of Katju, but slowly I am softening my stand. Like he said in the video I posted above, he is only asking for a panel of media-men themselves to monitor their own sector, and not any government control. This seems reasonable, given some of his examples of media excesses in this same video.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Good Work! The media is paid heavily. This is the major part of their earning. The create and offer packages to create fake hipe which go out for crores.

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