The bill that addresses the land rights vs development issue

This is a video of a discussion on the issue of land rights versus development. The farmers’ and tribals’ view in this discussion can be translated to our situation as follows: Assume that your family’s livelihood is dependent solely on a small-scale factory that has been passed down the generation and is your family’s jewel and identity, and your family also lives in a house in one corner plot within the factory’s premises. Now, if the government approaches you to part with that land (factory + house) for a flyover project, that is going to help million others, but pays you just for the land and maybe rents you a small space under the flyover for a kirana shop, how eager would you be with such an offer? And what about the future of your factory’s workers? This is the predicament of farmers’ and tribals’ to part with their housing, farming and forest lands in return for some cash and a lowly factory/mining job. Of course we need land for industrial development, but the compensation should be better acceptable. This is one of the main purposes of the long-awaited Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill which is still pending in the parliament.

Now, the video:


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