AAP is neither leftist nor rightist, we take the best of both – Kejriwal

Watch Arvind explain AAP’s economic stand as one which is not driven by left or right ideology. It is a pragmatic stand where a problem is defined and the best solution is sought from both left and right.

Earlier, another key member of AAP, Yogendra Yadav said the following during a discussion on CNN-IBN, on the eve of the launch of AAP:

The problem to my mind really was that the ideals of equality, of making a society that is just to all was attached to certain instruments, that are wooden. They do not work after a point (referring to a 1960s style socialism with extensive state intervention and support). This complete obsession with public sector and the complete belief that everything that the state does would be wonderful, those instruments need revisiting. We (AAP) should be open ended about it.


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